CATEGORIES AND COSTS - July 02-07, 2017

Full Attendance $595 Includes ALL dance instruction and activities, and room and board from Sunday supper through Friday lunch. Deposit of $250 may be made upon application; remainder is due by May 31.
Associate Non-Dancer $450 This includes room and board, but not dance instruction.
Night Dancer $475 This includes room and board and evening dance participation.
Non-Resident Night Dancer $165 This includes evening dance participation and the special Wednesday dinner.
Non-Resident Students $350 This includes all Thistle School activities except board and room (but includes the special Wednesday dinner). Other meals may be purchased by non-residents in the cafeteria.
To reserve a place at the School, please send your application and payment (deposit or in full), as soon as possible. Your check will be deposited upon receipt.
All monies will be refunded if circumstances force you to cancel.