Using the suggestions below, please evaluate your dancing level and indicate it on the application blank. Please consult with your teacher if you wish; Thistle School teachers will do their own evaluation after arrival but this thinking ahead will help us.

A Level- intermediate - high intermediate technique - work on footwork and formations and their use in improving dances and dancing. This Level may be repeated to good advantage by those who have experienced it before - the teachers are sensitive to students' needs and levels of accomplishment.

B Level- advanced technique - for experienced dancers who know and are able to dance advanced formations and who want intense practice and polish.

C Level- Easy Come Easy Go - those who feel a full Thistle week is too demanding may opt to attend these shorter classes Monday through Friday. These classes will be based on high intermediate - advanced level but with a gentle approach.

D Level- Teachers - for those with or without certification, who are teaching or interested in trying. There will be a wide diversity of coverage - footwork and formations - both ones own and the teaching therof), teaching techniques, history and manners of SCD, information exchange, opportunity to enjoy more difficult dances.