Eilean Yates - native of Scottish Border Country; in '84 co-founded and has taught and led Shelby NC Scottish Country Dancers; Teacher's Certificate at St. Andrews in '91; Director, SCD Loch Norman Games; 1st Chairman, The Carolinas Branch, living and teaching in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

Janet Lois Walker - native of UK, teaches in Pittsburg PA and other venues in the U.S. and Canada, including Scottish Weekend, Unicoi, New Hampshire Highlands, and Asilomar. Teachers' Certificate at St Andrews in '97; former TACTALK Editor and TAC Summer School teacher.

Fiona Mackie - attending as a special teacher is Fiona Mackie of Dundee, Scotland. She has taught dance from Dundee to Italy, and now joins us at Thistle.

Jeff Corrigan - discovered SCD in Duesseldorf, Germany, in '79 while living there as an exchange teacher, returning to California, earned Teachers' Certificate in '89; has taught while living in California; Little Rock AR; and Williamsburg VA; Retiring in 2012. Jeff returned to California where he and Patsy are now dancing and teaching with the Sacramento Branch. Most recently they started a children's class filled with very enthusiastic young dancers.

Deirdre MacCuish Bark - native Scot, teaches all levels in the Toronto area, taught at TAC Summer School & workshops in North America. Coordinates Toronto demo team, has organized North American Examination tours, serves on the TAC executive and currently Vice-Chair of the RSCDS Toronto. Teachers Certificate, '01.

Keith Bark - native of UK, teaches in Toronto area and workshops and candidate tutoring internationally; TAC tutor & summer school core teacher; a Past Chair of TAC and currently serving on the RSCDS Membership Services committee. Teachers Certificate, '93.

Elizabeth Lee Barnes - teacher, including candidate tutor, workshops coast to coast, classes aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2, Washington DC Branch past President, Chairman of demo team; received Teachers' Certificate in '71 from Dr. Jean Milligan; published Clipper Ships and Other Dances, Kaleidoscope and Other Dances and We Dance Therefore We Dine; for 44 years Chairman of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Gala.


Directors of the Thistle are Duard and Elizabeth Lee Barnes, Washington DC; Assistants to the Directors are Chris Barnes, Washington DC; Patricia Pennington, Arkansas; Eilean Yates and Patricia Young, North Carolina; piper is Andrew Peterkin, North Carolina; webmaster is Richard Walker, Florida. Active in other capacities for Thistle are Bob Messner, and Louis and Susan Tumlin, Georgia; Kate Mathewes, Brenda and Dale Sleight, Mary McConnell, Barbara Youngman, North Carolina; Jack Stewart, Ohio; Jon Barrett, David Gilliam and Valerie Hill, and Ann Lowe Maryland; Patsy Corrigan, California; Torf, Texas; Jack Cole, New York City; and the whole Thistle community.


The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society awards annually the Scroll of Honour, given in recognition of outstanding service and loyalty to the Society, for maintaining the aims of preserving the standards and traditions of Scottish Country Dance, and for encouraging in others the knowledge and enjoyment of Scotland's Heritage of Dance and Music. The recipient of the Scroll now actively involved in Thistle are Elizabeth Lee Barnes and Keith Bark. Other Thistle-related recipients are the late Robert Hunn, John Middleton, Bobby Brown, Frances Gray and Bernard Kaiman. Thistle has done itself proud!